Why is Thanksgiving Eve Referred to as “Black Wednesday?” 

By Gina Ciliberto, Volunteer for The Courage to Speak Foundation

“An estimated 10.8 million underage drinkers binge on Black Wednesday.”  – The National Health Institute

black wednesdayNationally, Thanksgiving Eve has higher underage, binge drinking rates than prom, graduation and New Year’s Eve, as well as higher instances of drunk driving!

College students are reuniting with their friends, since going away to school, and these reunions usually lead to a higher number of underage drinking parties, in which teens drink in access until they black out. The Eve of Thanksgiving has become known as “Black Wednesday,” for this reason.

How Can You Help Keep Your Teens Safe and Sober this Thanksgiving?

  Start your holiday celebration the day before Thanksgiving. This will give you more quality time with your family and supervised time with your teen.

 Be open to allowing your teen to have some of their friends over to your home and you will be able to monitor what they are doing. Make it clear that you will NOT be providing alcohol to underage teens and that your teen’s friends are NOT to bring alcohol to your home.  In CT it is illegal to host a party in which alcohol is consumed by minors!

  Speak to your teens about the dangerous risks of underage drinking and driving under the influence such as: drunk driving fatalities, alcohol poisoning, arrests, etc. Last year, 43 people in CT were arrested for driving under the influence during the Thanksgiving weekend and 562 vehicle accidents were reported. 

 Set rules and make sure there are consequences in place.

– Minors caught with alcohol, in CT, can face a $136 fine and a suspended driver’s license.

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!


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