Energy Drinks are said to be One of the New Dangerous Habits for Teens

They can be found in your own home refrigerator. The new dangers of energy drinks are beginning to service and showing people just how bad they can be.  These drinks are not to be confused with the controversial alcoholic energy drink, four loko. The culprits that are harming teens and young adults are red bull, monster, and rockstars. These energry drinks can be bought at the local gas station or super markey for under five dollars. Students are drinking them to stay awake during class time after pulling an all-nighter. They are popular during finals weeks when everyone is having that last minute study cramming session. People do not full understand what dangers could appear after every gulp.

Not only are these energy drinks potentially dangerous on their own merrit, people are mixing them with alcohol to get that burst of energy to party. Red bull and vodka and Jägerbombs (Jägermeister and red bull) are popular drinks at the bars. Mixing the energy drink stimulant and the depressant alcohol opens up a slew of adverse effects.

Reports say energy drinks often contain ingredients that can enhance the jittery effects of caffeine or that can have other side effects including nausea and diarrhea. Some cans include five times more caffeine than soda. It is recommended that they should be regulated as stringently as tobacco, alcohol and prescription medicines.

 Energy Drinks can be Fatal

According to the medical journal, Pediactrics here are some  potential harms of energy drinks for children and teens. It is caused mostly by too much caffeine or similar ingredients:

  • heart palpitations
  • seizures
  • strokes
  • even sudden death

They reviewed data from the government and interest groups, scientific literature, case reports and articles in popular and trade media. Even with all of this information, the harmful effects of energy drinks is still an under-studied issue that could be harming teens everywhere due to their overconsumption.

A 18 year old boy from Missouri suffered severe seizures after drinking two cans of an energy drink. He spent a number of days in the hospital. He reports knowing some teens who are drinking four to five cans a day. He has since sworn off drinking energy drinks and strongly encourages kids, teen, and adults to do the same.


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