Energy Drink FOUR LOKO “Blackout in a Can” …Did you know?


An Energy Drink is NOT Something to Take Lightly

In recent news, the energy drink Four Loko, a fairly new carbonated alcoholic energy drink popular on college campuses, is under review by the Federal Trade Commission because of misleading information on the drinks colorful label. Already banned because of the dangers of the energy drink’s mixture of malt liquors, the FTC wants the energy drink‘s label to accurately report its 12% alcohol content, equal to 4-5 beers. Because of the recent popularity of this energy drink, parents might not be aware of its existence or the dangers of its contents. In 2010, the energy drink gained national attention when it landed students in both New Jersey and Washington, DC in the hospital.



The four ingredients that make up the alcoholic energy drink, Four Loko – and contribute to its name – are caffeine, alcohol, guarana, and taurine. Caffeine improves alertness and mental performance in people who are sleep-deprived, it increases blood pressure and heart rate, and alters sleep methods. Alcohol can cause mood swings, disorientation, possible vomiting, and bad decision-making habits. But many students are unaware of the last two products named in the alcoholic energy drink’s contents: guarana and taurine. Guarana is one of the highest concentrations of caffeine on the market. The long-term effects of guarana and caffeine are similar, “psychological dependence” being one of them. Another ingredient in the alcoholic energy drink, taurine, has natural effects. It is found in breast milk, meat, and fish. According to an article posted by Mayo Clinic’s nutritionist Katherine Zeratsky, 3,000 milligrams of supplemental taurine is considered safe. It is also available as a dietary supplement. Despite its natural uses, taurine is also considered an inhibitory: the amino acid is used in suppressing epilepsy and anesthetics. The mixture of the four extreme ingredients has predominantly been a negative experience.


If an energy drink, such as this, ever crosses your path- please be safe!


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