Courage to Speak Foundation to Present at National Rx Drug Abuse Summit

The Courage to Speak Foundation has been invited to speak at the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit in Orlando, FL on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. Ginger Katz, CEO and Founder, will be delivering a message of hope through the Courage to Speak Presentation to all attendees at the drug abuse prevention event.

Rx Natl Drug Abuse Summit


Why the Courage to Speak Foundation was Selected to Present at the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit

Ms. Katz has reached hundreds of thousands of people across the country, helping parents and educators keep our children safe from drugs and other risky behaviors. After her son Ian died of an overdose of heroin mixed with Valium, Ginger vowed to help others avoid that heartache. The Courage to Speak Presentation inspires students, parents, educators and others to find healthy solutions in their schools and communities. With experts in the field, the Courage to Speak Foundation developed distinctive drug prevention education curricula for elementary, middle and high school taught by classroom teachers, Courageous Parenting 101® for parents and other proven drug prevention resources for students, teachers, parents, schools and communities.  Ms. Katz is also the author of Sunny’s Story, the critically acclaimed book on drug abuse told from the family beagle’s perspective and read in libraries, schools and homes nationwide.

About the National Rx Drug Abuse Summit

The National Rx Drug Abuse Summit’s mission is to foster a better understanding and cooperation among all stakeholders in the prescription drug abuse arena – state and national leaders, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, community advocates, treatment experts, educators, insurance and benefits managers, private industry leaders, and others – who are finding success in battling this nationwide epidemic, and how that cooperation can lead to successful outcomes.

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