Prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse is among the most common type of drug abuse among high school students.  In particular, drugs such as Adderall prescribed by doctors for attention deficient disorder are easily abused among teens and their friends.  Many teens believe that if a medication is prescribed by a doctor, even if it is not their own, that it is ok to use it.  Medication is prescribed with the patient’s weight, age and other health conditions taken into account.  Taking someone else’s medication can lead to side effects such as seizures and irregular heartbeat.  It is important for parents to think about this when trusting their teen with their personal medications as well as discarding of unused or expired prescription medication in the house.

Here are a few  good ways to discard prescription medication:

  • Find a take-back program in your area that will safely dispose of medication for you.
  • Crush up the pills and mix them with something like coffee grounds or kitty litter and then dispose of them.
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