Courage to Speak® Foundation’s 23rd Year in Mission to Save Lives

“The 15th Annual Courage to Speak® Empowering Youth to be Drug-Free Family Night”

The Courage to Speak Foundations celebration of The 15th Annual Courage to Speak® Empowering Youth to be Drug Free Family Night will take place on Tuesday, April 9th 2019, 5:30 p.m., at Ponus Ridge Middle School, 21 Hunters Ln. Norwalk, CT 06850 (snow date: April 11th, 2019). All are invited to the event, which will bring parents, children, school principals, school administrators, prevention professionals, teachers, business and community leaders, representatives of state and local government together to affirm their commitment to keep children safe from drugs and other risky behaviors. Dinner will be served at 5:30pm and the program begins at 6:30pm.

The Courage to Speak Foundation was founded by Ginger and Larry Katz in 1996 after their son, Ian, died of an accidental heroin and prescription drug overdose. Since then, it has been their mission to do everything in their power to prevent this tragedy from happening to another family. This marks the 23rd year of fulfilling that mission.

This exciting media event will spotlight the outstanding work and words of students who participate in the Courage to Speak® Foundation’s programs/curricula taught by their health class teachers at Ponus Ridge, Nathan Hale, Roton, and West Rocks Middle Schools, as well as Side by Side Charter School. Dr. Damon Lewis will serve as Master of Ceremonies, and Norwalk’s Mayor Harry Rilling, Chief of Police Thomas Kulhawik, and Norwalk Superintendent of Schools Dr. Adamowski will be introducing the students.

On display will be the remarkable artwork created by the students as part of the Courage to Speak® Drug Prevention Education Curriculum. Highlights of the event will feature the students’ reading their drug prevention messages and the Courage to Speak® Presentation for parents and students by Ginger Katz, CEO & Founder of the Courage to Speak® Foundation.

“Bringing students and parents together to talk openly and honestly about the dangers of drugs is the most important goal of the Courage to Speak® Empowering Youth to be Drug Free Family Night,” stated Ms. Katz. “By helping our students become outstanding anti-drug advocates and mentors for their friends and younger siblings, we hope to eradicate the problem of drug and alcohol use among young people in CT and across the country.”

For more information about the event, to become a sponsor and volunteer, visit call (877) 431-3295, email Ginger Katz at

About The Courage to Speak® Foundation:

The Courage To Speak® Foundation, Inc. exists to save lives by empowering youth to be drug free through fostering education and open communication about the dangers of alcohol and other drug use. Ginger Katz founded the nonprofit organization in 1996, just months after her 20 year old son, Ian James Eaccarino, died of an accidental drug overdose. She and her husband Larry, pledged to do everything in their power to help prevent such a tragedy from happening to another family. The Courage to Speak® Foundation develops drug prevention programs for elementary (based on Sunny’s Story), middle and high school students as well as for parents through Courage to Speak® – Courageous Parenting 101 and through Courage to Speak® – Courageous Parenting 101 “Parenting through the Opioid Crisis and Beyond” ™. Ms. Katz has given nearly 1,000 presentations to over a million young people and the adults who care about them. Please visit


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